We are delighted to announce the launch of CodeSprite! 

We have spent 3 years building CodeSprite, a platform to take the guesswork out of building world-beating software engineering teams under the Talent4Gig brand.  From countless hours of research and interviews, we have created a platform that combines tests and challenges with analytics and reports so that hiring teams can better understand the hard and soft skills of their software developers. We use this data to develop insights that empower HR and technical hiring managers to hire and develop their teams with confidence. 

For the past few months, we have been challenging ourselves to bring all that was good from T4G; the tests, the coding challenges, the backend architecture and reporting and make it ready to take on the world. 

Our challenge 

Our challenge is twofold, hiring and improving the team. 

Hiring is tough. Candidates’ CVs are very poor indicators of capability and cultural fit. HR teams and hiring managers spend far too much time qualifying out the wrong candidates and not enough time engaging with the candidates that can drive the business forward. 

Developing the team is also tough. Keeping the cadence of work sprints high, while keeping the team happy and cogs greased unlocks a company’s potential to scale. With deep insights to each individual’s skills, ambitions and enjoyment you can continually improve how the team, and the company deliver.    


CodeSprite has been built to empower you. We have built tools that mean you can understand and optimise your existing teams and hire with the confidence that new members will improve and accelerate the team’s performance.  

Don’t take our word for it 

We are now welcoming our first cohort of Sprites onto the platform. We have a free beta trial for the first 20 customers that sign up for the waiting list. This includes 120 days of free unlimited use of the platform, full onboarding and training and a dedicated client success manager.  

Sign up to the waiting list! 

Sign up to the wait list

We look forward to welcoming you onboard! Nicola CEO