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Empower Your Teams

Empower your HR and development leaders to build and manage high performing teams based on data not bias

  • Get a 360 degree view of team capability matched vs current and future requirements
  • Understand and improve culture and communication
  • Identify leadership potential earlier
  • Give ownership to the team in the decision making

A Consistent Hiring process that performs

Score candidates on technically capable, soft skills and cultural fit. Use real data to determine salary range vs. existing team vs. the industry benchmarks

  • Recommend only qualified candidates and reduce rejection rates at later stages
  • Create a consistent hiring workflow
  • Evidences candidate capability & remove bias
  • Use data to determine salary range vs. existing team and industry benchmarks
  • Improve candidate experience by removing repetition

Match Projects with capability

Go further faster by improving communication and matching tasks with capability

  • Understand new and existing team members better
  • Identify areas for development and training
  • Understand communication styles, engagement and culture
  • Deliver 17% more projects on time
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Add missing skills to the team

Reduce wasted time on badly qualified candidates and use collaborative marking to lead to team agreement on candidates potential.

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Hire better software engineers fast.